What is a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap policies, are sold by private insurance companies to help you cover the out-of-pocket costs left behind by Medicare.

In Arkansas, when you have a Medigap policy, Medicare pays up to its limit on your medical expenses. Then, your Medicare Supplement plan starts to help with covering costs up to the plans limit. That limit usually covers what Original Medicare does not pay, however, that will depend on which of the 10 you select.

What do Medicare Supplements cover?

Original Medicare only covers 80% of your Part B medical expenses (like doctor bills, outpatient medical expenses). The other 20% is your responsibility if you do not have a Medicare Supplement Plan also referred to as Medigap Plan. If you were to have a lengthy stay in a hospital or expensive treatments at outpatient facilities (like some Cancer Treatments), you will quickly become responsible for a very large amount of medical bills.

Medicare Supplements pay that 20% for you.

Is there anything not covered by Medicare Supplement Plans?

If there is a service or treatment not covered by Original Medicare, then your Medicare Supplement will also not cover that service or treatment.

Examples of items not covered by Medicare:

  • Routine dental, vision, and hearing exams

  • Hearing aids

  • Eyeglasses or contacts

  • Long-term care or custodial care

  • Retail prescription drugs

What Medicare Supplement Companies Are Available Near Me?

There are many, many, Medicare Supplement Companies available in Jonesboro, Arkansas and the entire state of Arkansas. When choosing a Medigap Company it is a good idea to consider a company that has many members enrolled in the plan. This ensures rate stability for the company which means your plan costs are less likely to go up over time.

Some of the most popular Medigap Companies in Arkansas are

Keep in mind that the medical plan coverage is identical at each of the companies. The differences in plans are customer service experience, the available extra benefits, and the price you pay.

Which Medigap Plans Can I Choose From?


Plans that are highlighted in green above are the 3 most popular plans that clients choose when selecting a Medigap/Medicare Supplement plan.

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